Monday, October 14, 2013

Letter from 9-23-13

Alright first of all pa, I have to say you are WRONG!!! Hahahaha, I am
laughing in your face right now because I told you Elder Perez was from
Chile in my letter titled BBBB BACK TO BOGOTA BABY. Yeah you might
have to put those scripture searching skills to work (or buy better
glasses;) cause I had already told you!!!! What now pa;) I actually
really like my haircut! I look like a stud ready to kill with my
spiritual power. The only bad thing about it is that it got cut so
short that my dome is fried right now. Haha I have never had to put
sunscreen in my hair to protect the dome but there’s a first for
everything haha. A few days ago I was standing in the sun and could
just feel my poor scalp cooking like a fried egg.  Yeah it’s pretty
burnt lol. Sometimes I feel like Josh Line, and we all know that he
could be a contract killer lol. Anyways we did have our zone
conference and the president didn’t say anything to me but his wife
did. I was helping her with the lunch stuff and she kind of told me
that it was unacceptable to have it this short. But I just told her
what dad says,  ¨Well it won´t make a difference in a few weeks¨ then
last night we had to take a missionary to the President’s house, and
she saw me and told me that it looked a lot better now. Haha dad
maybe the food I´m eating here does make my hair grow faster. Oh by
the way, I think I weigh more than you now;) Mr 173, well I´m Mr 84 in
kilos, yeah.....convert that! and then get ready for a smack down!
I´ve been practicing with a few of my latino friends lol;) if anything
I´ll just give you a double nalga pin!! haha nalga or nalgas is one of
the very first words I learned in the MTC, 19 year old humor lol. As
for 19 yr old humor I´ll have to take a picture of a Colombian dog
doing the shake shake shaky!!! I was laughing so hard when I read that
letter it almost involuntarily made me start to shake shake shake, so
I ran to the b-room but it turned out to be a false alarm. But I´ll
take a picture and then Shay can attach it to her descriptive essay to
describe wobbly legs:) Believe me I´ll send you one!
Ok on a more serious note, I got a few letters from old investigators
that I was teaching in Cucuta.  We had a family there that the son and
the mom were baptized before I got there and we were focusing on the
twin sisters who are about 29 and the Dad. It´s cool because E´ Perez
started to teach them all because he also served in Cucuta Barrio
Atalaya about 6 months before me. So we both got e-mails telling us
that the twin sisters are getting baptized! And the dad has started to
go to church! It made me and E´ Perez from Chile (just in case that
dad has already forgotten;) sooo happy we both wrote them back and
hopefully they will send us pictures, they will be getting baptized
the week after conference. It was so funny because when I was there,
we had the twins accept a baptismal date but only if they received a
confirmation from God. Well the day later one of the twins´ boyfriends
dumped her, so she took that to be her answer and spent the whole week
in her room crying. Which turned out to be my last week in Cucuta, I
went and said bye to all of them exept her lol.
Well Pa your story about carrying the icy bag of water up the hill made
me think of something to tell you. SO our house is like the center for
all of the material that the zone needs, all of the Books of Mormon
and pamphlets come in big boxes that weigh like 20 pounds. I have been
converted into the best box carrier ever. Man it’s just awesome to have
2 boxes on your shoulders and then get on the transmileno that is
packed with people. At least they move when the see a freaking buff
mob boss get on the bus lol. Usually you have to push and shove which
is no problem for me due to the amount of soccer I have been playing
lol. But then sometimes we need to carry stuff to the other
missionaries houses which are about a 20 minute walk, so I´m pretty
sure that Dana White will choose me for the next fight with Brock
Lesner, Pa you´ll have to fight in the featherweight weightclass, haha
just a few  weightclasses down. Too bad you’re so skinny or we´d both be
duking it our in the championship fight for the light heavyweighters;)
I also have been dedicating more time to my abs, and am starting to
see those chocolatinos (6 pack) pokin through there haha. It was
pretty much invisible for a while there but if you cock your head and
if the light is just right you can see a wicked 6 pack haha.
Alright so we had a cool experience this week.  So Tuesday night I
wanted to do everything we could to have 3 lessons with a member on
Wednesday, so we planned good and got members for all of the lessons
and stuff like that. It turns out that after 8:30 we had 2 with a member
and 1 normal lesson without a member. We went to pick up the member with
whom we had confirmed the night before but he canceled on us. So we
headed to the lesson kinda bummed talking about how tommorrow we would
have to make up for it with 4 lessons with a member. So we got to the
guys house, and started normally and halfway through the lesson, the
elders quorom president shows up telling us that he felt the need to
come and talk to Orlando (our investigator.  We were amazed!!! It was a
great lesson and we ended with a prayer and left and the member stayed
and talked a little. But It was a super awesome experience of faith
vs. works.  We had done everything to have 3 lessons with a member and God knew that, that’s where his hands came into play a little bit more visibly,
and sent the Elders Quorum president our way. I love those little
spiritual confirmations! It wasn´t by all means a huge miracle, but
those are the things that strengthen me most! and the things that I
will never forget and will be able to look back on and be able to act
with more faith in my life. It was super cool and uplifting:)
Well I´ve got to end, but Shay!! go out with the sisters more!!! I
promise it will help you with every aspect of your life if you go out
with them more. When I always went out with them I always felt such a
strong spirit!! I encourage you to take a little more time out of your
super busy schedule and do it more. Also have a great weekend!!! Man
am I geared up to hear some spiritual wisdom from the men that are the
closest to God here on this earth. It´s got me so excited!!! Hopefully
we can transfer this excitement to the investigators so that they can
go and feel the spirit!
LOVE YOU ALL SOO VERY MUCH heres a little español for ya!!1 LES
QUIERO, LES AMO, Que les vaya bien, que estén bien, que Dios les
bendiga y un montón de otros dichos:) ohhhh y bien hecho tootsie tu
puedes correr tan rápido aun cuando estas en lluvia y barro y truenos,


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