Monday, September 16, 2013

I Think We Have a Winner!!

I Think I’ve Found a Winner!!

How is everyone up there? Well as always I´m just as happy as a
missionary can be! I just feel so at home in this area and ward. It´s
AWESOME, my comp is great, our investigators are getting baptized, I
just can´t ask for more, I think I have picked a winner. I have never
been able to say that I have had a favorite area.....until now.
Everything is just so perfect,  even our house! It´s just a normal
conjunto, but compared to everyone elses house, it´s THE BEST. Get
this, for lunch one day we got there and saw LASAGNA, BLACKBERRY JUICE
(ALL THAT WE COULD DRINK) AND BROWNIES!!! Holy cow I about wet my well
used britches in sheer joy:) Wait can it get better...... it sure can,
so the Hermana asked me what I wanted to eat for lunch on Sunday, well
I took advantage and told her about 10 kilos de carne (meat) mashed
poatoes, and all the gaseosa (pop) we could drink. Well we got there
and she gave us some big ol steaks and about half a plate of mashed
potatoes, on top of that they had made beans and each gave us a soup
bowl full of beans. So boy oh boy was I a happy guy! It’s just awesome
here, the bishop is the best bishop I have ever met, and our ward
mission leader is super cool also. It´s just fun to work with all of
them, and add on top of that we are having a few baptisms here and
there. We can all say that I have entered in to the ¨golden¨ part of
my mission.
So we did have a baptism of the nanny of the kids of the recent
converts, and guess who baptized her.....our wonderful bishop. I love
when he baptizes our investigators because that means he is always
going to be watching out for them and helping them along with the
difficulties that come from being a new member of the church. It was
also really cool, because Camilo that I baptized a few weeks ago, is
getting the Aaronic priesthood and is excited to start blessing the
Sacrament. We gave him a white shirt this Sunday and the next Sunday
he should be blessing. So it´s an exciting time for barrio Suba and all
the members and especially us as missionaries.
Well I got my bag, it’s pretty darn cool.  It’s got the map of Colombia
and the scripture and everything, and the guy told my yesterday Quote
¨from one man of God to another.....this bag will last until the
millenium¨ All I told him was to go get baptized and I´ll meet up with
him there with my bag and all.
Soooo Shay, sounds like you’re quite the studly runner, gotta enjoy it
huh! Can you remember being nervous about the other girls that were
really fast? Well now the majority of the girls are getting butterflies
READY TO ROLL. My knees are shaking just reading that phrase. Just put
on that serious face and there’s sure to be one or 2 girls that faint
before they´ve even started. Haha the other day, I told some members
that before my mission I was thinking about being a doctor, the guy
told me it wasn´t a good idea because my face is to serious and scary,
and would kill anyone before I could save them lol. But that’s just his
opinion and impression. He doesn’t know me at all.
Well jeez I feel like this letter is super short, is it? I want to end
with just one more funny thing that I discovered this week. Well it´s
called arepa con chorizo!!!! whooooooo weeeeee it is a big giant
sausage, wrapped in an arepa, and is like a hot dog on steriods. Holy
Cow are they good.   I was always afraid to try them because they are
just giant sausages cooked in the street, and all I could see was a
STOMACH WORMS) however a family of investigators invited us to eat some.
So I ate one and it was just the most wonderfull thing in the world.
AREPA CON CHORIZO food of the Gods!!
Well I sure love you guys and hope all of your activities this week go
great! Run fast Toots!!!! I´ll be praying for ya!!!!!
Elder Crook

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