Monday, October 14, 2013

I'm turning into my mother!! - Letter of 10-14-13

I’m turning into my Mother!!!

Gosh darnit. Haha well I´ll explain you the title right off. Well
those senior pictures of Shaylen caught me off guard. And reminded me
the cold hard reality that when I see her again she will be graduated.
Honestly I made a promise to myself to not cry during my whole
mission. And the only times I have were in that last call home and
right now. I mean I´m not bawling just a few little tears slipped out
ok;) But toots you can count on a lot better of a brother now. Gosh I
love you a lot and am amazed at what you are doing right now. Not just
with your running, but with your whole self. Geez you have grown into
an awesome girl!!! Man God had to send me away to a foreign country
just to get me to change a little. You are growing and becoming into
the person God wants you to become in HIGH SCHOOL. I really admire you
for that. Honestly in high school I worried about stuff that wasn´t
important at all and didn’t put enough attention to the things that
really matter. So you’re a very good example to me. Congratulations for
running under 18 minutes but I really like your attitude of making
that time the one that you normally expect:) but you can celebrate and
feel happy a little bit right YOU BROKE 18 MINUTES!! enjoy it:) oh
yeah and I finally called Santiago haha, I actually called his dad
because he had given me his number when they first met me when I was
in Jordan. Haha I am still meeting people that remember me from a year
ago here. OH funny experience, so the last leadership conference we
had, I was walking on the bridge to go to the transmilenio bus with a
big ol box in my arms when I see all of the young men, young
women and young single adults from Cucuta. They were from barrio
motilones (which I didn´t even serve in that ward, but passed almost
every p-day playing soccer there) and they all almost mauled me. Haha
it’s really cool how much the people love the missionaries because I
didn´t even serve in their ward, and they were all taking pictures
with me and talking and all excited to see me and asked if I
remembered them. It was pretty cool and fun to get to see them all.
Alright so we had another pretty sweet p-day today. It was a super
p-day because we had 123 baptisms last month, so the president
organized a super p-day. We got together with all the zones in Bogota which
are 5 with the zone of Duitama and the zone of Yopal. So I got to see
my boy Albrecht again who is Zone leader in Yopal and we played a
little american football baby! haha first we played soccer because we
made a zone team with positions and everything and thought that we
were gonna dominate. But when we got to the field I think it was a
real full sized field! because it was huge, lets just say that us
gringos do not know how to space ourselves and just chasing the ball
around does not work, because it makes you super tired in very little
time. Even though my comp put us in our specific positions I still
couldn´t play on such big of a field. So there were a few gringos that
brought footballs so I decided to go play a little 7 on 7 instead
haha. It was way fun, and even though there was a lot of gringos that
played football they weren´t even that good. I dominated for as slow
and tubby as I am. My highlights lol were a pick 6 and another 1 handed
interception lol. And a bunch of other touchdowns. We played with a
bunch of young gringos who we didn’t know at all but they all knew each
other. So at first no one passed me the ball but when they finally did
they saw that I was decent lol and started to pass it to me. It
reminded me how much I love the sport but just how incredibly
political it is as well which is the harsh downside. Then me and
Albrecht had a couple nice little talks here and there and me and him
have definitley become pretty good friends.
Soooooo I answered my own question! haha It made me feel good. So I
was getting unfocused mainly while we were walking from cita to cita,
if I wasn´t talking to my comp I was letting my mind drift. So I
figured something out.  If I do just 1 or 2 contacts on the way to the
citas my mind stays sharp and focused on the work. I got it from the
general authority that said ´if you want more people to teach you have
to talk to more people each day¨ So I applied that and it has been
working and I feel like I am more effective as a missionary. Then it
was funny today because we had a little devotional after super p-day
and the president talked to us exactly about the same thing. That we
need to talk with more people every day so I was like QUE TE DIGO
Well its hard to believe but we have cambios this sunday, E´Perez
thinks that he is leaving, but I keep telling him that he is staying
lol. So who knows if I will get another companion but he has been my
clear favorite so far. Also thank you Nicole for writing me a letter,
it is always cool to see what is going on in your lives´even though my
dad does fill me in on all of Aarons funny projects:) hope that log
splitter is getting some good use;) haha so tell Gage hi, and tell him
to make a Preach my Gospel dating edition;) haha I have given him
some GREAT ideas lol but who knows if he has been using them.
Love you guys all, I really hope you have a great week, and mom learn
some spanish from good ol ricardito or whatever his name is! tell me
how it goes;) I already know that Dads knowledge is growing more and
more everytime I tell him to translate a cool phrase in spanish

-Elder Crook

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