Monday, September 2, 2013

Potato Pearls Never Tasted So Good!!

Hey there yall, (just trying to unleash my inner redneck) how’s yall
doin. No, well I do have to say, when someone asks me what music I
liked to listen to before my mission I always say country:) Just
because all of the other music is listened to almost all around the
world so I always say country. One because I´m from Coos Bay YEEEEE
HAAAWWW and 2 because it´s one of the only types of music that is
native to the United States. So  thanks Dad for reminding me of my
roots, hope the huntin went well and you shot yourself a big ol gash
dang Oso:) P.s Elder Perez saw the picture of your gun and asked if you
were in the army;) (just a passing thought, you can erase that it you
want, but I thought it was funny) Also Uncle chuck sent me like 400
pictures on his trail cam of huge elk. This was a few months ago and I
was with Elder Carballo, I leaned to him and told him that those big
ol animals are what we like to eat, he was taken aback lol. Sooooo
I´ll be waiting next week for a picture of your trophy sized bear that
you shot with my gun. It´d be kind of cool to make a bear rug don´t
you think?
Alright well yes there were a few disturbances here in Colombia, we had
to stay in the house all day Thursday and Friday (talk about some major
studying baby) So I don´t know much but I just heard that our zone was
pretty dangerous and everyone in the whole mission worked normally on
Friday but us.  But no I haven’t seen any change in the
supermarkets, just because we shop at a chain supermarket that sells
lots of stuff that is not made in Colombia. But I got the idea to buy
some stuff I usually don´t buy. Because we couldn´t go outside we
couldn´t go to lunch, SCORE 2 straight weeks without vegetarian food
haha! I´m so mean lol:) So I went and bought a TON of POTATO PEARLS
BABY. Man was I feliz. It had been a long time since mashed potatoes
and I can remember that I didn´t really like the pearls when I was
living at home. But now it was like God had made these mashed taters
and sent them right to me:) So I was pretty happy with myself. It did
get really boring and I felt so worthless not being able to do
anything but study! I did study a ton though, I read Skouser in
spanish, yes the whole 21 pages and decided that its not worth it to
print it out in English because even though I learned cool stuff I´m
never gonna be able to use it. So I put it as a file on my usb. I will
however print out the holy ghost because that looked pretty cool.
Well Shay, hope you are doing well at school. Don´t stress yourself
out too much because most of the time our problems seem a lot bigger
than what they really are. You asked about how I know when I´m getting
a spiritual prompting. Well they come in distinct ways, like when I am
teaching sometimes the holy spirit puts words and thoughts into my
mind. Most of the time its stuff that I have already studied and it
just helps me remember. Other times a specific questions come to my
mind and I ask that question. I have found that the spirit works
through me like that when I am teaching or receiving revelation for
others. Personal revelation is a little bit more complicated for me.
Apply D&C 9:7-9 it works! You´ve just got to start putting yourself
into situations where you can practice listening and looking for these
feelings. Also I was thinking about you, and D&C 6 came to my mind,
read the whole chapter, and where it says Oliver Cowdery put your name
in that place. To end my little spill,  I really love the verse in D&C
82:10.  It´s one of my favorites. You have the right to the Holy Ghost
and if you live accordingly God is obligated to bless you and I know
that you will be able to recognize these promptings when you come or
when you need to make a decision.
Well to finish I just want to tell you a little chuckler story today.
Me and the 3 other gringos that always come to play soccer went to
Crepes and Waffles to try the food. Elder Crespim the brazilian who I
always wrestle with came with us too. So we were sitting at our table
and Crespim (the funny one) says guys that girl is totally looking at
me! She was working at crepes and waffles, and it was true every other
second she would look our way. So she serves us our waffles with which
I was not IMPRESSED and walks away like normal. But when we were
walking out one of her friends goes up to ol Crespim and gives him a
slip of paper with the girls name and number on it and it said ¨call
me¨ Man talk about snakers! The first thing that Crespim says ¨oh man
now I can never go back to Crepes and Waffles!¨ It was funny and I got
a good little chuckle out of that and told him that it was probably a
very good idea to not go back to Crepes and Waffles.
So here’s and update on the shoulder bag situation. We found a member
whose husband makes leather bags. He´s actually an investigator but
never has time. So we have been calling and calling to set up a
shoulder bag appointment and even then we haven’t been able to get a
hold of him. But he told us this Tuesday we will finally be able to go
so if you guys have any ideas on what I should have drawn on the front
I would appreciate it. I was thinking maybe a map of Colombia got any
Alright love you guys  A TON:) thanks for being the best family in the WORLD
-elder Crook

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