Monday, April 14, 2014

New Comp, New Casa, New Style.......

Well, well ,well. That week sure did go by quite fast, seems like they are all that way now. Well I am very happy with my Guatemalteco comp. When I first heard I was gonna be with him I thought he had just finished his training or something because I had no idea who he was. But turns out he has been out 18 months and started just a few months after I did. SO you can say that we are a ¨mature companionship¨ He is one of the very few latino comps that I have had that is younger than I am lol. He is still 20 until May 2nd. So if you have any birthday present ideas....I`m welcome to suggestions;) He`s such a legit little guy I want to get him something cool. But he`s just a really happy guy and likes to talk and laugh. He kinda reminds me of myself and we are really similar in personality. Just sometimes when I am around him he makes me realize that sometimes I am still too serious. So do you guys remember Elder Ortiz from Paraguay, my comp like a year and a half ago? Elder Meren looks like him a lot physically. He has told me a little bit about his life and like always my Latino comps have a background a little bit rougher than my life before the mish. My heart just fills with astonishment and love when I hear these stories and how they are here in the mission and are obedient and great missionaries. It puts things in perspective for me a lot, and gives me such a high level of respect of the quality of people they are. So my comp lives in an all Mormon colony named Zarahemla!! Isn`t that soo legit!! His state is called Chimaltenango and it`s close to Guatemala City. I guess there in Guatemala they also have the Mexican influence a bit and eat Mexican food too. So we`re gonna have to make mexican food one of these days. He knows how to make homemade tortillas so we`ll see if we ever do that. Also he IS a legit breakdancer lol!! So he has been teaching me little by little every night and morning, and I`ve been getting the hang of it. I haven`t learned any dance moves yet, I have just been learning how to spin on the floor lol, and its a lot harder than it looks. 
So this week has been decently good, we have basically found all new investigators to teach and have been working hard with them. The hardest part has just been working with the ward to help the investigators along as well as the less actives. So as we are finding awesome people and working a ton with the less actives, it is slower going than I would like because we need to work better with the members here, but we`re doing good. SO we had a curveball thrown at us this week. I was talking to the zone leaders one night (yes I am newly district leader;) can I get a woot woot!! lol) and they told me that the sisters in our ward had complained about where they were living ( I guess it`s dangerous because there are lots of students where they live.) And president had told them that we need to change houses. Our houses are like maybe 5 minutes away walking distance, but I guess our apartment complex is more safe then the one they were in. So today in the morning we packed all our stuff up and changed houses. Now we don`t have such a sweet view, or a sick balcony to hang out on at night, but it`s a nice decent apartment so I`m not complaining that much. This is just like normal in mission life, you just have to be prepared for anything and everything and learn to like your new circumstances quickly. So I will send you a few pics of the new house and my comp to give you guys an idea. 
Mom thanks for sending me those old pictures lol, they do make all kinds of memories flood back. Even when I look at my pictures from my old areas a WAVE of old and awesome memories just hits me. I love doing that sometimes and just thinking and remembering all the awesome people I have met and taught and worked with. I have had such great experiences for my benefit and hopefully for the benefits of others. I love where I`m at right know and am just soaking it all up:) 
So I am going to end with 2 really cool experiences that I have had with the members (actives and less actives) over these last few weeks. One of them was with a less active and he just out of the blue told us after conference that he would love a spiritual retreat for just a few days. Then that made me think of what I am doing, I have been on a spiritual retreat for the last year or so, and WILL NEVER get this time back again. To just work on my spirituality and not have to worry about the other things in life, and just dedicate myself to help others in the Lords work full time. I won`t have another opportunity like this for the rest of my life, unless I`m an apostle, and the chances on that are very slim. So he just made me put things in perspective a bit. The other was a sister that had given us lunch on Sunday and we were sharing a message on enduring to the end, and towards the end she told us ¨HEY I`ve been a member for 17 years now and am still here fighting and working to get better.¨ You guys are awesome missionaries while in the mission but I have seen too many missonaries that have come back from their mission and the environment changes, and they aren`t always working in Gods work and they fall by the wayside and become inactive. You 2 need to learn the most you can from your mission and put all of it in practice when you get home. That really impacted me because one being here in the mission is kind of like a refuge from the world and you think you’re invincible. But it`s not that way at all, he`s always attacking and will never let up, so we can never let our guard down even if it means sacrificing things that seem fun or cool in the moment. WEll time is short and I hope you liked the experiences that I shared with you:) I`m learning lots here!! LOVE YOU ALLL YOU ARE ALL IN MY PRAYERS:)
-Elder Crook

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