Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Birthday to the Viejita!

OIIIIIYYYY Shay ya eres super cuchita ehh;) haha happy birthday Shay. Hope you have a great day this Thursday, you`ll have to tell me what you got next Monday and what you did. But BE HAPPY haha life is just so much better when we are happy people full of energy and funness! It also makes the lives of the people around us better when we are like that. Haha I just wanted to talk to you a bit and tell you congratulations on your track meet and lifetime pr. I`m sure the fact of not really having any competition made it kind of hard to beat the meet record, but it`s awesome you pr’d! Don`t get senioritis though!!!! or in mission talk it would be ¨Don`t get trunky on me now.¨ Haha Dads words always come to mind when I think about trunkiness ¨Time will always pass at the same rate and the end will always come, but it`s what you do with the time that really counts.¨ When I think back on my senior year, I really wished I would have been a little bit smarter and enjoyed my sports more, especially pole vault. I didn`t even have a plan or anything to go off of I just went out there and jumped and jumped and jumped until I was exhausted and frustrated. So don`t get senioritis, especially with your sports. I promise you that I won`t get trunky if you don`t get senioritis!! Lets finish strong:) there are still a TON of things to do:) 
So this week we went to a service project and cleaned up a park in the center of the city here in Bucaramanga. It`s always really fun to go do service because it`s just something out of the ordinary. So that was pretty fun, I`ll send you the pics, they pretty much speak for themselves:) Well mom said it right, things are pretty easy between my comp and I. I would have to say that out of all of my companions he and Elder Da Silva have liked to talk the most. So it`s been actually really fun with him. However it seems like when you have a good companionship, the work is harder. Things have just kind of slowed down a bit. But this last Sunday a new Elder’s Quorum president was called and they finally called a ward mission leader so we were pretty excited about that.  We met with him right away, so hopefully we can get to work better with the ward:) 
So we had Easter this week, here it`s called Semana Santa or the holy week and Sunday is not the principal day, it`s Good Friday or viernes santo, the day when Christ was Crucified. When we left to work last Friday it seemed like Christmas day in Bogota. Haha the streets were empty and no one was working either. I heard that for the Catholics this Friday is the most holy day of the year. Other than that I`m not really sure about the other traditions that they have during this week. I`m pretty sure they don`t eat meat on Thursday or Friday which is called lent. haha so it was a different week from all of the rest of them. 
So I got an e-mail from Elder Castrejon that is now in Bogota, and I just wanted to share a little piece with you guys because when I read it, it made me really excited. He said that he is now with a gringo that has 16 months in his mission but I talk better spanish than the other Gringo because he still has a gringo accent. Haha that was good to hear. At the end of our companionship he told me that my accent had actually really gotten better over the time we spent together and that I just sometimes need to speak more fluidly stringing all of the words together to have a better accent. So that made me feel good!
Oh Shay I wanted to ask you about the girl from California that signed with Utah as well. Is she a member? Is she your roommate now? You have to room with a girl from the track team right? haha just curious. 
Also I just wanted to share a cool experience that I had this last Saturday. I don`t really know what happened but after lunch I felt really sick and weak. But we kept on working like normal, it started to rain, and I felt even worse. So we went to a less active family and shared a short message with them. But we all felt the spirit really strongly because we were able to talk about the happiness and support that the gospel brings to our families. But afterwards it was just like my whole body felt warm and healthy. I walked out into the rain and felt a little better haha. It was the first time I had recognized that the Holy Ghost can make us feel better physically as well as mentally and emotionally. 
Well I will finish my letter now, I have to go early because we have a cita at 5:30 so I have to cut my time short a bit, but from what I understand about my travel information is that I actually will not be home Friday june 27th,  I just will be getting on the plane in the night time and be getting home Saturday morning. I don`t know anything other than that though. I`m sure you guys can talk to my mission president’s wife or something like that and she will get you info. The mission secretaries I`m sure don`t have anything done yet on that. They are always seem to be behind or forget about things. .. LOVE YOU ALLLL:):)

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