Monday, March 17, 2014

Semana Tras Semana

It`s kinda weird, these last few weeks have just kinda blended together for me. We always come to the same internet and I always sit at the same computer so it kinda feels like last week, and the week before that, and the week before that. But this week, there has not been anything really that new to tell. I officially have to say that my 3rd son has the primogenitura. Yeah I was trying to think of the word for primogenitura in english but it just isn`t coming to my mind right now, you can look it up, oh I just remembered lol, it`s birthright:) wow, my minds just a bit slow today. Anyways even though he`s the 3rd born, he has the birthright and a fathers blessing like if he were the firstborn. He`s just so easy to get along with! I mean, I have really noticed a difference in this companionship from the last one. I feel like the work is a lot more fulfilling, and a lot more enjoyable when you have someone by your side who you can trust in, talk to, work hard with, and have fun with as well. Honestly I am more than enjoying this companionship. This week I got a little down and discouraged with a few investigators, so in companionship study we just kinda sat there in silence for a few minutes and he said. HEY you can`t feel sorry for yourself because you don`t have much time left, plus there`s nothing more we can do, it`s just the agency of the people. I thought for a minute and was like dang, well that’s the last time I`m getting discouraged because what he said was true! A year ago, the same type of discouragement had me in a funk for MONTHS! And his words broke it just like that! Haha I`ll have to tell you that more than one night has been spent out on the balcony just laughing and talking for a long while. Sometimes we wake up in the morning at 6:30 tired but we get up and do some exercises and we`re good. To me, that time spent talking and messing around, making brownies or un jugo or something fun is worth Gold! Honestly, I wish it could be this way in all of my relationships and sometimes I think back and say ¨why is it so easy now, when 4 months ago it was not at all this way.¨ All I know is that I can learn from all the mistakes that I`ve made and just work on being a better and better person so all of my relationships with everyone can be enjoyable. 
So in conclusion I am really just enjoying my comp, my time, and my mission! now, well there’s not really a whole lot of good other juicy info to tell so I`ll tell you this kind of interesting story about how we got a reference. Just saying, I`m REAlly scraping the pot here. So hope it`s not that boring;)
Anyways the other week we got a call from some chica in Pasto(town super far away, close to ecuador) , wonderfull! no kinda weird but anyways she told us that a member had given her our number and had a reference for us. Basically a girl here in our area with the alias Delilah, met an LDS guy in Atlanta through the internet. He wants Delilah to meet the missionaries so if she gets baptized he can come here to Colombia and get married with her. Sounds like a killer plan right! So I guess he had the same type of a deal going on with the girl in Pasto (she`s already member) but I guess things just didn`t work out. I suspect because he really doesn`t know how to speak Spanish. Anyways so we get this reference, and call and schedule an appointment in the church with a member there with us. So she gets there and just can`t stop talking about how ¨good¨ my spanish is because with the Atlanta dude she has to talk really slow and most of the time he doesn`t understand. So then she just says, tell me everything I need to know to become mormona because I`ll do whatever it takes to make things work with Atlanta boy. I was just like WOAAH slow down a bit, we`re gonna take things slow and no matter what we promise you that if you apply the principles of our message, any type of relationship will go well. ALSO she got there and I greeted her by her name she told us Delilah Larsen. Yeah I thought the last name was kind of funny but I didn`t ask questions. So she says oh no my name is really Diana, I just use that name for facebook.....yeaaaahhhh suspicious;) So theres our wonderfull reference story (hope you were just rivited to your seat!) In conclusion, I feel like the dating pool is like a bowl of grapes (does this sound familiar dad?) all of the plump juicy ones get picked first and then the old shriveled up ones get left. Sounds like mr Atlanta couldn`t get a hold of a plump juicy good one, so he has to go to a different bowl of grapes. But these are foreign grapes that he can`t communicate with and can only see through a picture on the computer screen. All I can say is that hopefully everything turns out well for mr atlanta and diana/delilah.
Well I have to go, my time got cut short today because of and as well as my hair. The thing is is that the really awesome cool neighbor that offered to cut my hair for free, cut a big chunk out of the back left`s kinda noticeable so I think I`ll have to go and try to get it fixed in a way that looks good and that the vecina can`t tell. LOVE YOU ALL
-Elder Crook  

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