Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Well congratulations pa for turning another year old whoooooooooo hooooooooo
Papi’s an older man now! how do you feel, tired, sore, arthritis pain? Don`t
worry it will come at your age;) How old are you dad? 47  48? you better not be 50 because at the fiftieth the SMACKDOWN will come! I`ll make sure of it, if you haven`t seen hot rod in a while go watch it and get pumped lol (i`m referring to the scenes where rods dad always whoops the crap out of rod) don`t worry I`m sure you are still able to pinky pin me;) some things will never change lol. > SOO first of all I`ll tell you that I did buy a camera, from Venezuela, and it is pretty cool. I would say that it takes better pictures than my other one BUT, it cost 150 bucks. When we went over to the members house who had gone to Venezuela to pick them up, he showed us on the computer what the prices were in the U.S. Well my camera is an Olympus vg-160 and when it popped up on amazon at 90 dollars. I just about pulled a wester;) but I controlled myself and gave the member a big hug because he did us a HUGE favor and then left. Well I guess not everything is cheaper in a communist country, thank goodness for the country that
we live in with it`s free market. The cameras here in Colombia are more
expensive than they are in Venezuela. But theres nothing I can do except kick
myself for dropping my other one (once again, the story is so shameful I just
can`t tell it.) At least I like the new one, it has good functions and takes good it will have to last until the millenium because I can`t let myself buy another one now! oh well
TUESDAY!!!!!!! whoooooo hooooooo let’s have a party! Last Tuesday was THE BEST DAY EVER!!! I got up so happy! it was the FIRST marriage of someone I taught and got to see get baptized that I have experienced!!! Man it was totally legit, the only thing was that I didn`t have my stinking camera! but a member took fotos and gave them all to me. So we had to wait about an hour at the notaria and then we went in and watched the 30 minutes marriage session. The guy who married them is a member as well so he had the Mormon Tabernacle Choir playing in the background and gave them a
sweet proclamation to the family that had 10 suggestions for a better marriage on the back. Afterwards we threw them a little party at a members house. Then the night before we were joking about having non alcoholic champange to drink so I got to thinking....And came up with the idea of sparkling water mixed with cranberry juice. No one really knows what cranberry juice is so I thought it would be fun to have something different. So at the local super we found in the imports section, a gallon of ocean spray cranberry juice and bought some sparkling water. Then we bought them a cake as well! The thing I didn`t remember about cranberry juice is that it is a bit bitter. And the sparkling water made it even more bitter!! but with the super sweet cake it all evened out well.
Everyone there kept saying OOIIIIIHHH Elder this juice is kinda strong! you sure it doesn`t have alcohol. So it was super legit and to add the icing on the cake Sergio passed the sacrament this week!! We were super stoked and are working with them so that they can get sealed in a year or so!
> Also another sweet thing happened this week. We got visited by a 70! His name is Elder Uceda and he is the president of the Sudamerica Noroeste area of the world. It was really cool to get to listen to him almost all day and he taught us some really, really valuable stuff! I really soaked it all up and it was just a spirit filled day! One of the things that I most liked about what he taught was a way to really search the scriptures for hidden meaning in spanish and english.
He focused on every word of the verse and explained every little detail and
meaning. I realized something REALLY BIG!! Remember at Christmas when I had told you guys that it`s pretty easy for me to pick up on things and get moderately
good at them, but I have never been proficient or the best at anything. For me this is the formula! Studying every little aspect and understanding everything at a really deep level. Taking time to perfect every little part of whatever thing it is and really mastering it. That made me really excited!! Because even though I know that doing things in this manner takes a lot of time,  effort and practice, I finally have the formula to achieve my goals and aspirations!! I hope I wrote that in a way that you could understand it!!
> So today we went to play a little soccer in the cancha! We invited Sergio and he got there with a surprise for us! He gave us futbol jerseys!! Mine is from Manchester city and it`s so legit! I was super happy and energized to play today with my sweet new jersey. I`ll send you guys a pic of some of the action:) Also
last week after my haircut I remembered one of dads sayings;) ¨you know  what
the difference between a bad haircut and a good one is?¨ no, ¨A couple of
weeks.¨ I think I got that one right right dad? So I applied that tactic not
wanting to shave my head this time around. Now it`s barely noticeable;) but
mom, I`m not making any promises about not shaving my head in the near future;)
well I`m sorry again for such a kind of short letter that kinda just overviewed
everything but I had to fill out a page of information about my travel plans. So
I have to say bye. LOVE YOU ALLL!!!!!
> -Elder Crook

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