Monday, January 6, 2014

Woot Woot, She's a Ute!!!

Well hey there guys:) I just read Shays good news!!!!! Well all the college pressure is off now, and all you have to worry about is having a good season and doing your best, and maybe winning state;) Haha I love you tons!!! Well dad was totally right about my New Years’, we were in the house by 7:30 and had planned by 8. Then I was able to get in some extra exercises before going to bed a good 45 minutes early. It was a real good New Years....then we woke up so refreshed the next morning to start the year of 2014 off right, working hard. Haha I remembered the last New Years Eve that I spent with you guys, me and dad went hunting and I shot me a big ol cow elk. That was some time ago wasn´t it. However we were able to go to our New Year’s eve dinner with a part member family, share a short little lesson and dig into our 2nd DIGO SECOND turkey dinner!! It was pretty darn tasty, they sure do know how to make turkey here in Colombia. So that was the New Years Eve. Then for New Years Day,  it was a sight to behold, first of all in the morning there was not a soul in the street. Then in the afternoon I started to see the action go down. First of all right after lunch (oh it´s important to know that I was on an intercambio in Jordan my first area) we passed by some old investigators of the elder thats there right know. I didn´t know them at all but they were cooking food in the street and listening to music at full blast. They invited us over and immediately started shoving potatoes and charred pieces of meat in our hands, it was quite the experience but that’s just how the people are here in Colombia, needless to say I couldn´t eat all of the food because I had just eaten a good ol turkey lunch at the home of the ward mission leader of Jordan, yeah they are always really excited to see me:) then throughout the day I saw a few drunk people having a water fight but with beer and others in taxis just completely passed out. It was pretty crazy because I didn´t see ANYTHING like that in Tunja on New Years day. Tunja was like a ghost town the whole day lol. Anyways those were my New Years festivities.
So Pa, is Charly Barber still the bishop in the Ward or did they make Ryan or Allen M the new bishop? I had no idea that was coming at all! It was definitely the shock of my day today lol. I thought you were just getting warmed up to your high priest calling lol. Now I know you´ll do a great job, haha at least you’re not the actual bishop lol, everytime there is something that us as missionaries don't want to deal with we just tell them to go and talk to the bishop lol. Or with the missionaries when that happens we just tell them to call the assistants or the president – that’s a good tactic just if you didn´t know;) haha but I love you and hope that you can find a lot of enjoyment and a feeling of fullfillment as you magnify your calling. I know you´ll do great and you´ll be in my prayers like you always are. You´ll not only have funny work or home stories now but also funny and goofy church ones! Oh and as well my white bible says June 13 2012 to June 17 2014, I assume it’s for my missionary plaque right, well you better tell that new bishop (if there actually is one) to get his butt in gear and MAYBE just MAYBE my plaque can have a few months of glory that it deserves. Haha thanks as well for the detailed fight updates, I feel like I was actually was there the way you described Anderson Silvas leg just breaking in half. Totally legit, even though it is useless information like you call it, it´s still fun to read;) 
So I can´t believe the Pallos are moving that soon! Dang I thought that they would have done it this summer but I´m happy for them and that Nicole was able to find a job. Will they stay in the Bay until they sell the house or how are they going to work it? Anyways Pallos: I love you guys and wish you all the best in starting this new chapter of your lives, say hi to Alex for me and tell him he´s a STUD:)
So we had another leadership conference last Friday and it was pretty normal. You always learn a lot of good new things and are reminded of good things as well. Its just getting kind of boring though now. Just going and sitting for a good 8 hours and listening and listening and listening more. It is cool though to see all the elders from all over the mission and get to talk for a little bit. Its always a good time for me and Albrecht to catch up on things and visit for a little as well. 
So we had a cool experience last night, a lesson had just fallen through and we were in need of a new investigator to achieve the goal of 10 for the week, and out of the blue a guy and his sister walk by and they said hi elders we live in your apartment complex, if you don´t have anything to do come up and eat some crepes with us and teach us a lesson. The one guy was an inactive member that was baptised in the U.S and his sister was a non member so we found our new investigator!!!
So today for the last p day of the change.  We played soccer all day with members, it was fun then we went back to our house and me and goood ol Elder Hicken hung out for a while. Then we said our p day goodbyes because I am sure he is getting changed next Monday. As for me I´m about 50 50 on if I will or not, I still don´t feel like it´s my time to leave but I guess we´ll just have to see. I really love you guys like crazy and I will talk to you next week!!!! AND WAY TO GO SHAY FOR VERBALLY BECOMING A UTE UTE UTE WOTTY TOOT TOOT!!!!!!!
Elder Crook 

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