Tuesday, December 31, 2013

HO HO HO a very merry christmas and broken new years eve dreams;

Alright well it was absolutely awesome to get to talk to you guys on Christmas. I honestly don´t know how other missionaries are able to talk to their parents during the day and then just go back to work just like that. I personally have to have it be the last thing I do at night because there is always that little feeling of depression after the awesome cool out of the ordinary things that happen. So I´ve just tried to have a pretty normal Christmas this year. There are lots of elders who schedule appointments with members all day to go eat and have fun and celebrate, which isn´t necessarily the worst thing in the world if you do it with a missionary purpose. But we just tried to make it as normal as possible because I know from last year that there is a huge wave of depression that washes over us when its all over. This year that didn´t really happen. Even with the skype call, it made me really happy, but I wasn´t sad or that depressed afterwards, honestly talking to you guys just made me want to get a lot lot lot better and be the best! It was also really good to see the Pallos, thanks for saying hi to me for a few seconds and it was really cool to see Gage. I´m sure he´s changed a lot while we haven´t been able to see each other but he looked the exact same to me.  What dad says is true, basically everything is the same back home and hasn´t changed hardly at all. Thanks for your great letters this week, especially for the first paragraph of yours dad. I have the determination to do my best and be the best missionary for these last months of my mission. Elder Boyd, a really good friend I made in Cucuta, told me the other day that looking back now (he´s been home for the same time I have been here in Suba) he is so grateful for finishing his mission strong and it is something that nothing else can measure. I did a self evaluation yesterday in my personal study and wrote down all of my weaknesess and the things that I wanted to achieve in my study journal. Then said an extra personal prayer before we left to go contact people outside of the church and we went to work! We had a great day yesterday and I felt an immediate change in the effectiveness of our work. Hopefully this year I can make the BEST days I had last year be my normal days this year, I know it all depends on faith and actions, so here we go.
Well I basically already told you about the awesome lunch we had with the stake presidency and the mission president so I´ll just send you all the pictures I took to make the stories complete! We went caroling afterwards and it was a blast! We went to the biggest mall here in Suba and started to belt out Christmas hymns and there were quite a few people gathered around us listening, it made me kind of nervous lol but it was way cool. Then big bad mall cop came over (he was just a tad bit skinnier than Paul Blart) and asked the elder who was leading the music if we have permission to be here, he said welllll.....no, then the latino version of Paul Blart said, ¨well I guess this is your last number then.¨ I thought about showing him our authoritative ministry cards that we have and telling him we are representatives of Christ but thought against it lol. SO then we went and sang in ma brudda Willies belt shop on the street, he spoke some gangsta english and was a really cool guy. We sang all the Christmas songs in the hymn book and then got his number and address to go visit him. THEN we had a few other lessons AND an amazing Christmas eve dinner with a cool family that has a one less active member and one non member. We shared a cool christmas message and then we ATE SOME TURKEY BABY!!!! it was very very tasty lol. We had a blast making faces with our dessert and other things and it was a great way to end the day. 
Well we´ve been having some great weather here in Bogota. I feel like its summer break in Oregon. Just nice low 70´s with not a cloud in the sky and a light breeze. At nights it´s still cold but when the sun is out its just pure paradise here in the good ol Bogy;) 
So along with this great weather I had some sweet plans for todays p-day. Well it got changed because president thought we would be able to work better on monday instead of today where everyone is partying for the new year. SO its Tuesday and I totally thought that the Gold museum was going to be open, FINALLY I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO GO. But no I guess today it´s closed due to holiday, I thought the real holiday was tomorrow but who knows lol, so my new years eve dreams were shattered and we just ended up staying here playing ping pong and eating MALL FOOD lol. So nothing that exciting happened today. EXEPT for that we have to start working at 5 instead of 6 and then we have to be in the house at 7:30 for our security. We had a dinner scheduled with a family of members and investigators but we´ll see  how that goes, I´m still full from my MALL FOOD;) SO I love you all and hope you guys have a great new year and get a good nights sleep like Shaylen will be getting;) Dad you´ll have to tell me how those fights went next week and your TV stand looks totally legit!!! I love it!
-Elder Crook

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