Monday, November 12, 2012


YEAH for all you Gringos out there reading this it`s pronounced Toongha. And yes It is soooo BEAUTIFUL:) man the scenery is awesome here. It`s a city of about 125,000 people I think, I asked a member and she told me around there. So it`s big, but way smaller than Bogota, man it kinda reminds me of Henefer, Utah but everything is green. The city is in the bottom of a valley and there are pretty big mountains/hills around us. In the city there is 1 ward and 2 sets of missionaries. I sent you a pic of us 4, the other Elders are in the area of Tunja South, and we are in the north called Tunja Unicentro.There is one chapel here and about 150 members that come to church. But this last Sunday there were hardly any, like 50 lol. We have investigators and members that live on top of a huge hill that you can see the entire city and the other hill/mountain across the valley. So far I have only been up there at night but I will figure out the Panorama function on my camara and hopefully send you guys some sweet pics. And yes Tunja is super high, higher than Bogota. And one of the coolest things is that when there are no clouds in the sky at night, there are MILLIONS OF STARS!!! One night we were walking on a dirt road in pure pitch black on the crest of one of the mountains that encircle the town (yea I know kinda Sketchy lol) The only light we had was the light on the cell phone, but we turned that off for a bit, stopped and just gazed up at all the stars. Man was it beautiful, especially cause we were away from the lights of the city. Images like that I will never , ever forget! And of course it`s kind of pointless to take a picture of stars lol so sorry you guys can’t see it. But there were literally millions of stars! More than I`ve ever seen before. Anyways so we live in an apartment just us 2, it`s HUGE -  bigger than the apt. in Suba that roomed  4 of us. But at night it’s kinda lonely - my comps a pretty quiet, chill guy so I`ve just been going to bed early almost every night, which is nice to have some extra sleep. Oh yeah ok so more about him. He`s from Paraguay and I guess Paraguay has a native language named Guarany or something like that. There are 8 different dialects of this language and he speaks 6 of them, not to mention Spanish and Portuguese. I told him there was only enough room in my brain for 2 languages. And he did actually play on the Paraguayan national team for 3 years. He`s 24 and has 2 months left in his mission. He has been a member all his life but didn’t have plans to serve a mission, just play soccer. But he decided that he needed a change in his life at age 22 and sent his papers in for a mission. 
Anyways the people here are just like in Bogota, so contacting has been pretty rough for us, but we have a few really great investigators and one of them (who is 18) told me that she wants to be a sister missionary! So we`ll see how that plays out, haha - she has to be baptized first, then we will see from there. But it’s not at all like Jordan where we had a mountain of eternal investigators and regular investigators. Like every Sunday we´d have at least 10 investigators in the chapel. This Sunday we had a big FAT 0. I was kind of mad with myself. But my comp told me that it’s really hard to get our investigators to church cause the chapel is in the other area and REALLY far. But I´m not making excuses(only that one lol). But I am having a great time here and the members are also really cool!! so far we´ve gotten a few references that might just be golden, but once again we´ll have to see. 
So I want to end with congratulating Shay. She is pretty  amazing. WAY TO GO TOOTS!!! LOVE yeah and a little story of mine: Well you know how I like pancakes and they are pretty cheap here, also I like nice warm syrup. So one morning I was just doing my normal thing and making my pancakes. I put my syrup in the microwave to warm it, I usually always put it in for 30 seconds but for some reason I hit an extra 0 that made it 3 minutes. So I put it in not realizing the extra time, and started to wash my dishes (yeah I´m soooo obedient) well it got to be about a minute and I heard this whizzing sound. OH CRAP I thought, my syrup. So I opened the microwave (bad idea) there was syrup exploding everywhere! so I shut the door and watched the bottle warp and explode lol. It was awesome but It sucked to clean and now I have mix and no syrup. 
Well I gotta go but mom, yes Nasa as in the space company (what other kind of NASA is there lol?) and the motorcycle was of a members that I took the picture. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

               Elder Crook

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