Monday, November 19, 2012

I Can't Believe You're Going to Mexico without Me!!

First of all I would like to say congrats to Colton! I already wrote the Elliots a letters but I´m SUPER excited for that kid!! I can’t wait to see and hear the things that are in store for him there. Haha this morning I had the thought ¨hey Colton might have gotten his call, wait nooo his papers couldn’t  have gotten back that fast¨ but sweet bro!! I don’t wanna get all touchy feely but when I read¨Mexico, Mexico City East¨ I felt a huge wave of tingles and clapped my hands real loud and half shouted cause I was so excited.   Yeah then everyone here in this little Podunk  internet cafe looked at me weird. But by now I just half expect that look from people. I guess the nametag/suit/super white skin and red hair isn’t really what people think is normal here lol. 
DAD: We walk EVERYWHERE cause we´re cheap and you have to pay for the busses here. There is no free public transportation only busses that cost mil tres cientos which is roughly like 60 or 70 cents. The area is huge, we have one half of the city and the other Elders have the other half.  As for the tanks, I assume they are for water but I´m not sure, if I remember I´ll ask. Oh yeah dad the people here in our area are really rich, the standard of living is quite a bit higher here than in Suba in Bogota. As for the people, in the richer part I heard that they are all just retired business people with businesses in Bogota. I´ve met a few professors in our ward too. Yes the way we teach is changing!!! We focus on Jesus Christ and his atonement. It used to be the restoration and Joseph Smith but it is Jesus now. The mission had a conference of leaders about 2 months ago when I was fresh out of the MTC. The mission leaders of the whole world, who advise the missionary work worldwide, came and had a conference with all the zone and district leaders. They changed things up a bit, now every lesson we have, every contact we make we focus on Jesus, nothing else, not the church, not the restoration,  just Jesus. SO I have really been studying the Bible hard. I started in Matthew and studied the Sermon on the Mount and now I am just finishing the book of Matthew. I´m not sure if there will be anymore changes but this has seemed to work really well. Also with Elder Suarez- right after he went to the conference, he said that they told the missionaries to knock on a door first and only ask that as servants of God could we bless your home. So as we bless the home we ask special blessing and if they ask us to come back that means they are ready to hear the message. I´m not sure if that really panned out cause no one else other than Suarez has told me that. So I haven’t been doing it. Oooh I guess we are all in for some interesting times, man all I could think about when I heard about Obama getting re-elected was what you told us about when people support those small groups of wickedness until it becomes  a huge group of wickedness that is supported by the government and everything - then we will see God’s wrath. It was something like that, at least that’s all I can remember. As for all that stuff I have a favorite scripture,  Ephesians 6:12 - which is about putting on the armor of God and how we are not fighting a physical battle shedding blood, but a battle against an increasingly darkening world.
MOM: How can you be going to Mexico without your favorite son? haha man that sounds awesome.  You guys better send me tons of pictures!! oh and Bend too dangit! Haha I´m glad you guys get to get out of the house and have some fun! Thanks for the gravy recipe and I’ll tell you how our little Colombian dia de gracias goes:) Have a great thanksgiving!!
SHAY: Keep workin hard guurrrll, haha good luck with all your tests and things.
Well next p-day we should be going to a beach called playa blanca.  It’s not for sure yet but if I have anything to do about it,  we´ll be going!! I´ll send you some sweet pics, Well I have to go but I sure love you guys and will be looking forward to your next letters!
             Elder Crook

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