Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 27, 2012

Way to go little sis!! you've done a pretty good job this year in school! Thanks so much for e-mailing me and telling me about how your doing. Elder Albrecht is a big track guy so he was way jealous to hear you were at the olympic trails. I love you a lot and hope you are having a great summer so far. haha so last thursday I got a letter from my boy Elder Kilts, it was 2 pages front and back. All my roommates have girlfriends they write so when they saw the handwritten letter they all jumped on me and were like" Thats from a girl Elder! you've been holding out on us......then I was like "This is way better, this is bromance lol" anyways he gave me a lot of good pointers and tips and he's doing so great in Guatemala.
So we also got our travel plans to bogota and that was a great night! we were all slapping alto cincos (high fives for you gringos out there) and were so exited to get to the mtc in Colombia. Then it was mission presidents week were all the new ones get trained so Elder albrect rezendes and I got to meet pres. and Sister ANdelin. They said that we are the second group of Gringos ever to go to the Bogota CCM and that it holds a max capacity of 40 people. I don't know what to expect but boy am I exited! Pres. Andelin is like some real estate tycoon/ computer company owner and has a 15000 acre ranch in Idaho as well as houses in Hawaii, California, utah, and Idaho. They just got done serving a mission in Chile and are really cool people. They each greeted us with handshakes and hugs, it made my day.
So Dad I know you like to hear some funnies about Mtc life and this week has pretty much been full of them, so I'll give them in chronological order. Last Friday I was walking up the five flights of stairs to get to class, my whole district was behing me and I was just marching up those stairs like a fearless leader. Then all the sudden the Star Wars theme song popped into my head, so I started humming the humming gradually got louder until i was going BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM all while keeping my knees high marching up the starirs. As I rounded the corner to the last flight, there were 2 companionships of hermanas on the landing and one of them was sitting on the stairs. I did'nt notice them till Iwas about 4 stairs from the top when I stopped and was embarrassed for a split second. Then it croossed my mind that I am not here to woo any hermanas so I just said "hola hermana's" and proceeded to keep singing and marching. My whole district saw this and still make fun of me because it was pretty darn funny. Then on Sunday I was walking back from our weekly temple walk and a little girls dad asked me if I would shake his daughters hand because she alwasy has wanted to shake the hand of a "real" missionary, so I bent down and shook this super cute little girls hand, I could tell she was embarrassed but it just filled me with the spirit to know that I am actually a "real" missionary and little kids notice that. Then in our weekly sunday devotional I fell asleep because they won't let elders take their suit jackets off and it was really hot. So while I was asleep I drooled all over my tie. It looked so gross and when I woke up, they told the Elders to feel free to take their jackets off. I was like oh great who do I want to be, the retard who drooled on his tie or the only one who still has his suit jacket on. I kept my jacket on and stuck out like a sore thumb. Also Elder Albrecht and I have come up with a new word, BUNGHOLIO. I'm sure none of you think it's funny but when you've been cooped up in here anything out of the ordinary is funny. So we both say it to each other at awkward times and it's pretty funny. Elder Albrecht and I are also making a missionary rap cause he's good at beatboxing and i'm sorta good at ryming lol.
Alright, that's wnough of the funny stuff but I will try my hardest to call on fri night, I'm gonna leave some extra time on my e-mail so I can e-mail you guys tomorra night or fri to tell you if I can and when. I love you guys so much and love the gospel as well, I recieved you're package as well as letters and cards from Pallos, Andreasons, and Grandma Geddes. Thank you all for you've loving support!!
                                                                        -Elder Crook

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