Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First P-Day

First of all I would like to thank everyone for their support. The days are long and hard here at the MTC and it's great to just unwind and read letters that were sent to me. So thank you mom, dad, Shay, Cindi, Lexi, and both sets of grandparents for showing me so much love. Well I've hardly had time to think about anything else other than spanish and the gospel for the first few days here. Wednesday night we learned how to pray in Spanish and we taught our first lesson thursday night. It was so stressful and I was nervous because this is the gospel we're teaching here! But it was amazing because before Elder Hill ( mi companero)and I went in to teach we offered up a prayer for the spirit to be with us and it was. I was blessed with almost total recall of the limited information that was taught to me, I have never EVER been able to do that before and so I know that the spirit was helping me and I'm not just all the sudden super smart. Since then we have taught 2 more lessons and they have gotten progresivley better.
My companion and roommates are all going to Colombia and we've met 2 others that are headed there as well but no others, no that puts us at 6 missionaries repoting to Colombia if all goes well with our visas. I've really bonded with my district and one kid named elder hancock. He's kinda chunky and we have to walk up 5 flights of stairs for class and yesterday he got to the middle and yelled Ayudame Dios Ayudame! (help me God help me). He loves the buffet meals and makes a point to drink like 3 glasses of chocolate milk every meal. Personally I love the food here. I sneak cookies in my pockets for later and a couple of times we've even had a NACHO bar, which you all know I love. Our district has a thing for mixing drinks cause theres like 20 different juices here and so far we have hulk sweat (blue powerade and Orange Fanta0 bubblegum(fresca a shot of rootbeer and orange strawberry bannana) and shirley temple (Fresca and Cranberry juice) I made shirley temple and it's gooood.
Dad how was your ride to reedsport and how was mom and shays half marathon? Shay! how did school end? I'm dying to hear! Tell me everything you've been up too.
The gym here sucks, it's only dumbells and my dumbell roommates just like to write their girlfriends on P day. So I went on an exchange with Elder Mortenson from Rexburg and worked out. He has a new 450 to ride the dunes with.
Guys I'm just doing great here, I'm meant to be here and I've never been happier because I've never felt the spirit this close to me. Remember when I told you about me Colton and Kelton Snowboarding the last run with our shirts of in 14 degree weather!? I feel like thats how the mission will be. At the bottom of the lift I was freezing and didn't think I could do it, and once the lift started to move it seemed like forever (like the MTC) sometimes it would even stop and I would be so cold, but once I got to the top and boarded down it was awesome, I wasn't cold and it was over like that. I don't know when I'll reach the top of the lift on my mission, but I sure am enjoying the ride up!
             Elder Crook 

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