Monday, November 25, 2013

A little late - Kody's letter from 11-11-13

Alright pa well here’s a new word for you –REGAÑAR.  Look it up before you
read anything else. Well you’re gonna get a good ol regaño from your poor
ol son here in Colombia,  left out in the dark about the epic bear hunt
that went down. Remember size does not matter, I don´t care if you
shot the smallest bear in the world, heck I don´t even care if it was
3 legged, growth stunted, blind, deaf and dumb. I wanna hear the story
behind it. I can still remember carrying my beast of a deer down the
mountain just praying that we didn´t run into anyone because it was a
shame to be seen with such a small animal. Mom and Shay both told me
that the master hunter was so beat that he had cramps all night and
couldn´t even sleep because his experience was so traumatic. Wait I´m
thinking of another word for ya, ya it´s niñita;) Just wait till Mr.
Chocolatinas gets home ready to rumble. I´ll go hunt that bear with a
Colombian machete! Of course it will be my lucky machete;) haha just
tell me the story you big NIÑA.

WELL today was part awesome and part dissapointment. Well we went to
the temple and made it there on time. It was such a great experience
because the last time I want was last December. I heard the new video
came out a while ago in the U.S but here the new temple video came out
this month and its so cool! I really enjoyed my experience and tried
to just soak every little bit of the spirit up that I could. It´s such
a blessing to have a temple here close. We have very limited time to
go frequently but I honestly believe that there is nowhere better to
spend your time on than in the temple. So I left with a lot of good
energy and excitement to keep on trucking and try to make the best out
of every situation and just try to enjoy every minute of my mission.
Cause its awesome! SO at the last minute yesterday I asked a member to
search for the schedule of the Gold museum. It said ¨open all
holidays¨ Today is a holiday but at the bottom of the page it said
¨open all holidays that are not Mondays¨ wow, well there went our
chance to see some Colombian Gold. Who knows if I´ll ever get to see
it now.
Anyways we had a service project this week where we went to an
apartment complex and helped the all Mormon team of construction
workers. It was fun and we got the job of sanding doors so they could
be painted. I fired the other gringo Elders up with my best voice of
the martial arts dude from Napolean Dynamite, you know the ¨how would
you like a round house kick to the face with these bad boys¨ guy. I
can´t remember what his name is but I used that voice and we started
the ¨power sand.  We actually made a few videos where I was the host on
the Colombian home network channel, teaching everyone how to sand. It´s
pretty funny but not like hilarious. So we sanded 4 flights of stairs
with 4 doors on each flight in the same time that the sisters sanded 1
flight. They´re such hard workers;) Haha honestly I don´t know why I
am telling you all of this dumb stuff but it´s probabaly because I
don´t have anything else to say.
So thanks for your inspirational picture Shay, its really awesome and
I think it’s my favorite picture of you. YOu look so happy:) hopefully
You’re enjoying your win and get used to the compliments and praise
because you’re the new big shot on campus;) What are your Thanksgiving
plans? Isn´t it in like 2 weeks?
Well I got my package for you guys sent off, hopefully you like it. I
included a few surprises and some photos that are the highlights of my
year in 2013. We´ve all got to give a huge THANK YOU to William Blanca
and Santiago for being nice enough to come over here to Suba and pick
my package up and bring it to you guys. I don´t know what we would do
if if weren´t for William.

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